Rhiannon Wallace

It has taken me a fairly long time to complete all of the steps because I have little experience with most of the software. I have been working on them on and off since December, so I am not sure how many hours I have spent but I have definitely taken longer than someone would who is more familiar with the tools. However, these exercises have been useful for practising and getting more familiar with Microsoft Office, HTML and CSS. I also found the in-person workshops very helpful.

One problem I have encountered is that small obstacles have prevented me from being able to finish all of the tasks in order. For instance, I could not finish the later tasks until I had finished the MS Access task, and since I do not get MS Access as part of my UBC package for my Mac laptop, I had to do as much as I could on the other projects at home and then use the computers at UBC and SFU to complete that part of the course. However, this was not too difficult as I do have access to those computers. I found the word processing and spreadsheet tasks difficult at first because the modules were mostly comprised of links to external sources and did not have as much of a "practice" element as the later modules, but when I logged on recently it looked like more information was added to those modules. Other than that, the main challenges have resulted from my own unfamiliarity with the tools, and I hope that these kinds of tasks will get easier with practice.

  1. Word Processing Task
  2. Spreadsheet Task
  3. Presentation Task
  4. Database Task