Eleri Staiger-Williams

Completing tasks 1 to 6 has been a mixed bag of easy and very difficult. Since I don't use all of these tools regularly, some tasks like the Spreadsheet task took me an extremely long time. So far, the Spreadsheet task has taken me the longest to complete- I think it was about 6 hours. I feel like each question has caused me to teach myself something I otherwise wouldn't know, which I appreciate. I have completed this test over a couple of weeks, generally aiming to do one question each time I pick it up. I completed my Spreadsheet, Word, and Presentation task in Google Docs, which may affect their display. I did find out that I could get the MS Office programs for free through UBC after I had completed those tasks and used that to complete the Database Task.

In terms of feedback, the one thing I really could have used was the knowledge that this test was coming. Given that I am starting in January, finding out about this at the end of November was actually not a great amount of notice for me- I have been working full time and very busy because of the Christmas holidays, and this has added an unexpected work burden. Early November would have made this easier to plan for, or even an email saying we would be getting a test in early December would have been helpful for planning.

One issue I have noticed, and tried to fix without success is that the HTTP that is automatically attached to my work doesn't function. The FTP URL does. The fix seems to be that the URL needs to be (for example) http://courses.slais.ubc.ca/infotechliteracy/STAIGERWILLIAMS_ELERI_2017/Word_Processing_Task.txt rather than the assigned http://courses.slais.ubc.ca/STAIGERWILLIAMS_ELERI_2017/Word_Processing_Task.txt. However, I cannot find a folder on Cyberduck labeled "infotechliteracy". I am able to upload files to Cyberduck, so I don't think that it is an issue with my VPN. The problem exist with every URL that I have tried to open from that folder, so I am unsure whether that question was not updated or whether Cyberduck has changed how it creates folder pathways. I have added /infotechliteracy to my attached documents and CSS link so that they function, but obviously I cannot update my index.html assigned HTTP URL that way as it is created by Cyberduck.

  1. Word Processing Task
  2. Spreadsheet Task
  3. Presentation Task
  4. Database Task