Caitlin Lindsay

Tasks 1-6 took a total of around 3-4 hours. The largest amount of time spent on this task was during Step 4 (Relation Databases): (probably over 70% of my time on these tasks was spent on Access). I had 2 main difficulties with Access: 1. I was unfamiliar with the program, and therefore needed extra time to familiarize myself with it and 2. I found the sections regarding the creation of a Relationship or Query to be difficult and confusing.

I think that the Information Technology Literacy Test would be improved with a more detailed explanation on how to do task number 4. I found that because I did not have a strong knowledge of Access, assignment number 4 was very difficult. I would have found the assignment much easier and less time consuming had the explanation in the test been: 1. directly about the assignment given (and not about transcripts) and 2. more step-by-step - a big reason why I felt it took so long was because some of the steps were missing, or touched on only briefly in the explanation. However, I did find the other tasks and their explanations to be very clear, and good resources for the future.


  1. Word Processing Task
  2. Spreadsheet Task
  3. Presentation Task
  4. Database Task