Lydia Huey

It took me a a while to perform tasks 1 to 6. I found the Word Processing Task, the Spreadsheet Task, and the Presentation Software Task to be relatively straightforward. The Relational Databases Task I found to be quite challenging so I read the modules, which were quite useful. After reading the modules and completing the MS Access workshop previously, my understanding of how to create relationships (specific ones) and the keys is still fuzzy. Task 6 is more straightforward also, but I read some of the information about HTML and CSS, as I had completed the workshop a while ago. Also, even though I am pretty sure I did everything correctly (as I did the same thing for the three other tasks), the Database_Task link links to the task, but it ends up becoming gibberish.

  1. Word_Processing_Task
  2. Spreadsheet_Task
  3. Presentation_Task
  4. Database_Task