Alisah Hilt

For me, the first three tasks were very straightforward and took about and hour total. The fourth task with relational databases was entirely new to me. As a result, I spent a couple hours learning to use Access and completing the task. The module was helpful because it was easy to follow the instructions and the attached images. The fifth task involving VPN and FTP took longer than it should have because my computer had trouble downloading the install software for the VPN. The sixth task has been the most challenging. I had no previous experience with HTML or CSS, and so I spent a few hours reading the module and trying to understand and replicate the process. The HTML and CSS modules were harder for me to follow, probably because of the nature of the content as well as my own lack of knowledge on the subject. I think after reading through both modules I have a basic concept of HTML and CSS, but I am still unclear on the details and more advanced aspects. This test has shown me that I have a lot to learn, but also that I have some foundation to work with already.

  1. Word Processing Task
  2. Spreadsheet Task
  3. Presentation Task
  4. Database Task