Shirlett M Hall

The time required to complete tasks 1-6 of the technology literacy course was approximately 1.5 hours. The word and spreadsheet tasks were the most straightforward ones given the fact that I have been working continuously in those programs for the last 20 years. I last used Access heavily 10 years ago so this was more of a challenge to complete and required the bulk of the time. The method of establishing relationships between tables is very different in Office 2016 vs Office 2007.

This course is an excellent tool to assess the IT gaps that a student may have before the start of the master's program. However, there was a slight issue with the .CSV file as the columns had to be split by comma within Excel and there were commas in two of the dollar amounts. This created extra rows that had to be manipulated.

This a list of the four tasks that were created:
Word Processing Task
Spreadsheet Task
Presentation Task
Database Task