Avi Grundner


Each task took about 10-30 minutes for me to complete, once I had the appropriate software. My biggest problems were with getting software to work on my computer. Specifically, I had trouble with the database task because I am on a mac and cannot use Access. It was frustrating to figure out another database option that was free, and then translate what I had learned from the Access workshop into LibreOffice.

I am a little concerned that this HTML file will be difficult to run, as there were issues with HTML from macs during the workshops. I would appreciate more mac support so I could learn these skills and continue to practice them with less confusion.

(Note: The word processing task lists my name as “Hannah Grundner” because I completed it before starting classes at SLAIS, and I was unsure of how my name would be handled in the school’s records.


  1. Word Processing Task
  2. Spreadsheet Task
  3. Presentation Task
  4. Database Task