Gisèle Dubeau

This will probably be the task that takes the longest as it has been many years since I've used html. I was quite rusty with relational databases. Although I used MS Access extensively in my previous life since I've returned to school I've really only used MS Word on a regular basis. Still it's like riding a bike so it is slowly coming back.

As for improvements to the SLAIS test, I think the only thing I would suggest is to improve the access to the literacy test module. The first page that appears when signed in is "MY COURSES". Clicking anywhere on that brings you to "Course Updates & News". Then you need to guess that "Courseware" will take you to the Information Technology Literacy page (where you finally get to click on "Information Technology Literacy Test".

Perhaps the access to the test would be easier and more intuitive if the "MY COURSES" page could have a column on the left-hand side that has a clickable list of the courses you are enrolled in. This may not be somehting that SLAIS can do anything about however as it may be how edXedge is structured.

  1. Word Processing Task
  2. Spreadsheet Task
  3. Presentation Task
  4. Database Task