Allison Comrie

The Information Technology Literacy Test

The Information Technology Literacy Test took two months to complete. It was an iterative process, requiring referencing the online module guides for assistance. The weekly in-person introduction courses were helpful as a way to build a foundation for HTML, CSS, and MS Access. In addition, I met with a classmate on a weekly basis to work together on the Information Literacy Test, following the introductory in-person workshops. Working together was an enjoyable experience; we were able to help answer each other's questions and push each other to keep moving forward. It was fun when we were able to problem solve together; whereas, working on my own, I may have become more easily discouraged.

The Information Literacy Test could be improved by having an additional drop-in workshop the following week after the first three introductory classes. By the end of the the three hour workshop each week, I needed to take a break instead of staying for an additional hour of assistance.

Task Overview

Completed Tasks

  1. 1.Wordprocessing Task
  2. 2.Spreadsheet Task
  3. 3.Presentation Task
  4. 4.Database Task