Alanna Blackall

Overall, it took me a few months (to be completely honest, I forgot about it for about two months in the middle of term) to finish the tech core. The Word Processing and Presentation tasks were very quick to complete and I had no difficulties. The Spreadsheet task was slightly complicated by a problem that I had with the file. The only way that I was able to change the dates on the entries was to do so manually, but I wasted more time than necessary trying to figure out the problem. The Database task was really difficult. I hadn't used Access before, but I did attend the workshop. I found that the workshop focussed more on transferring data into the program more than anything else and that ended up being such a tiny part of the task that it seemed unnecessary to spend that much time on it. The queries gave me a lot of trouble, but a classmate helped me to figure out my (embarassingly simple) problem. My computer had a little trouble installing the VPN program, but it all worked out in the end. No trouble with the install for the FTP. It was quite easy to use both of the programs. Creating a tumblr was super straightforward.

Based on the problems that I encountered, and upon discussion with others, I think that the Excel datasheet might need tweaking and I think that the Access task instructions could benefit from an update for clarity. Further, the workshop should really focus more on how to formulate queries.

  1. Word Processing Task
  2. Spreadsheet Task
  3. Presentation Task
  4. Database Task